Our Story

Broken Trail: A path or trail that has been cut, through snow or deep brush or other obstructions.  To break trail is to venture where no one has before. It is to find your own path, hike your own hike, and to Find Your Spirit.  

Our little distillery & brewery began on a bike ride across the foothills of the Sandia Mountains – Trail #365.  The trail, like our Spirits, represent a connectedness to the environment around us.  The land, the air, the water, the ingredients are all apart of our city, our state, and our spirit.

Broken Trail was initially envisioned as a distillery that happened to sell beer, but they quickly discovered the synergy in brewing beer and brewing spirits. Since everything Broken Trail makes begins as a brew (never Neutral Grain Spirits), the effort and practice in brewing for whiskey translated into better beer brewing.

The craftsmen behind our place set out to create authentic craft spirits using locally sourced ingredients.  Our Holy Ghost Vodka uses locally sourced grain. Our Tres Pistolas Whiskey, locally sourced corn. When you sip from a bottle of Distillery 365 spirits, you know that it was made in our distillery located right here in Albuquerque.
It is our hope that with our fine products, you are able to Find Your Spirit.